CMS EXIM INTERNATIONAL is a subsidiary company of ARCTECH Engineering & Consulting.

CMS EXIM is a very dynamic and forward looking firm providing innovative solutions in the field of Engineering Procurement & Construction Engineering Services with various sorts of facilities during last couple of years.

As a Procurement and Construction firm based in Bangladesh, CMS EXIM is continuing expand its network while providing highly value-added construction services in Industrial, Commercial & Residential areas that assist our client in expanding their business operations on global basis through making safe living environment.

Industrial Procurement

Retro-Fitting Engineering

Geo-Technical Technology

Heavy Duty Construction

Our Core


Electrical Installation Work

We provide comprehensive information on electrical installation work. Electrical installation work is the process of installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems and equipment in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

We specialize in providing high-quality electrical installation services that meet the needs and requirements of our clients. Our team of licensed and certified electricians and electrical contractors are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of electrical installation work.

Mechanical Installation Work

Mechanical Design & Engineering Work of Power Plant & LPG Plant Piping & Instrumentation Design (P&ID) LPG Storage Tank Design Steel Structure Design HFO / Oil Storage Tank Design Pump Station Design and selection for specific purpose with materials HVAC System Design & Heating Load Calculation MEP Design & BOQ Calculation Fire Fighting System Design

Fire Fighting System Installation Work

Power & Distribution System (33 kV & 11 kV underground) Conceptual Power Generation Systems Site Selection and Geotechnical & Topographic Survey Regulatory Compliance Study and Recommendation Electrical Load Profile Analysis for Specific Energy consumption Power Optimization & Specialized Studies of System Losses / Power Factor Identification of saving opportunity in Electrical Consumption Specialized System Studies of Imbalance Energy Evaluations Local & International Market Research of Engineering ideas

Project Implementation & Supervision

Project Management & Construction Supervision Work Commissioning assistance Witnessing Performance Guarantee (PG) Test Time scheduling, cost control and progress reporting Workshop inspections and Vendor Expedition

Detailed Project Report Preparation

Development Project Proposal (DPP) Document Preparation Detailed Project Report (DPR) Document Preparation Procurement Plan, Project Implementation Schedule document preparation Financial & Economic Analysis (NPV, BCR, EIRR, FIRR) Cost Estimation and BOQ Preparation of the proposed project

Regulatory, Reforms & Restructuring

Need-based Organizational Reforms. Assessment of Regulatory Compliance Requirements. Assessment of Present Condition & Asset Valuation. HRD and Capacity Building Assistance to Regulatory Bodies for Development and Review of Standards, Rules, and Codes

Project Proposal Preparation

Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA) document preparation Preparation of drawing, Technical Specification, GTP for Govt. Project Proposal Commercial Proposal Review & Assist Client for Proposal Preparation EOI Document Preparation & Review according to PPR-2008

Project Engineering

Site Selection and Contract Review Preliminary Design and Documentation Engineering Procurement and Construction Management Techno Financial Model Preparation

On Site Testing

Insulation / Megger Test of Motor & Generator Complete Test of High Voltage Equipment in Substation HT & LT Cable Insulation Resistance Test Soil Resistivity Test / Earth Resistance Test Distribution & Power Transformer Test (up to 2500 kVA)

Operation & Installation Work

Machine Operational Contract Customized Earthing & Grounding Installation Work Solar PV Panel Installation Backup Power System (Online UPS) Earthing System & Earthing Pit installation

Maintenance & Supply Work

Annual Maintenance Program with supervision (Transformer & Substation) Spare Parts Management with Procurement Industrial Equipment’s & Spare Parts Supplies


Sustainable Energy

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable energy.