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ARC TECH is an integrated Engineering Design and Consulting firm based on Electro Mechanical Engineering & Structural Engineering Service. We offer innovative design, execution and delivery solutions to its clients in multiple sectors for projects of scale and complexity, whilst managing diverse technological interfaces. ARC TECH would ensure quality services within the budget limitation of a client and is committed towards completion of the task within the stipulated time frame to check escalating cost. We undertake the responsibility to satisfy the client’s demands to its highest standards.

Firm Overview

ARC TECH has emerged on July 1, 2015 with the central objective of supporting utility entities in public and private sector to meet the growing energy needs with expert consultations. ARC TECH provides different client services in Project Management, Design & Engineering, Construction, Installation and Testing subject to project requirements of Electro-Mechanical work in Power & Energy Sector as per IEC & BNBC standard.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the best-in-class integrated engineering consultancy, management services and construction services provider executing projects to world-class standards for our customers and delivering industry benchmarked value to our client’s expectation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver the State of Art Engineering solutions, which are innovative, safe, cost effective, energy efficient, affordable, environment-friendly, technically superior and upholding top-tier quality with ethical standards to clients, in the power and energy business at home and abroad.

Our Working Strategy

We believe in quality being a continuous process and routinely conduct on-site awareness programs to retain this focus in our project delivery processes. We are focused on delivering value to our customers at every stage of the project. We want to achieve this with our continuous commitment towards:

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More than 9 years of experience

ARC TECH has detailed design capability across all engineering and construction works. These processes ensure strict compliance with code requirements ensuring designs are fit for purpose, are fully optimized, and reflect our approach to engineering.

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Details MEP Design Work
  • Owner’s Engineers
  • Structural Engineering
  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Study
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management & Supervision
  • Operation & Maintenance Work

As a multi-disciplinary consulting firm, ARC TECH provides its unique service in relent area of Engineering & Consultancy. A glimpse of services appended below:

  • Detailed Engineering Design,
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Design
  • HVAC & Firefighting Design
  • Structural Design
  • Costing & BOQ Preparation
  • WTP & ETP Design & Solution
  • WWTP / SWTP Design & Solution

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Why Will You Choose Us?

  • Set of Professionals to deal with Client’s Problems
  • Best Utilization of Project Time & Money
  • Happy to serve what actually Project required
  • Giving the best solution for your best value for money
  • Optimize Solution for Factory & Industry
  • Building robust trust worthy customer base providing reliable services
  • Adopting optimized Engineering Methodologies to deliver superior values, with an aim towards cost-effectiveness in engineering solutions
  • Endorsing proactive planning, designing and management for development and secure sustained strategic repositioning to effectively maneuver in the context of rapidly fluctuating global, regional and local conditions
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Construction Innovation

sustainable technology for your Projects

ARC Tech is committed to implementing sustainability principles in all of its activities and to continually improving performances in this area. ARC Tech aims at integrating three key aspects (economic, environmental and social) of sustainable development in operation practices and culture. Our mission is to use experience and ingenuity to create lasting value by delivering solutions that are locally and globally appropriate, economically viable, socially beneficial,
durable, resilient and environmentally responsible.

Respect for our people

We encourage our people to learn and empower them to innovate. We set objective performance measurement criteria to track both individual and project progress

Respect for the environment

We aim to conduct our operations with minimum damage to the environment and optimum energy consumption, keeping waste creation to the minimum.

Safe operating practices

We believe every incident prevented is potentially a life saved. We encourage safe operating practices through continuous training and awareness programs.

Delivering competitive solutions

We strive to delivered competitive solutions to meet our customers’ expectations and we take pride in delivering quality on time to our customers.

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